Apex Environmental employs a unique approach to wastewater treatment that ensures peace of mind for the client through one point of accountability, overseeing all aspects from the design and consenting through to the build, installation and commissioning.

We understand the individual nature of industrial waste streams and therefore design with the client in mind, as no two installations are ever the same.

Our values are key to delivering high quality outcomes and these start with who our team is.  We value our positive team environment and innovative culture.  When we are not on the job, our team makes the effort to get together and enjoy our community and environment through group activities.

Our in-house expertise sets Apex Environmental apart, with founding Directors Dr. Matt Savage and Dr. Steve Kroening world class leaders with extensive local and international experience researching, designing and commissioning wastewater treatment plants throughout Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

A copy of our Statement of Intent can be downloaded from the link in the page footer. Please contact us to request a copy of our Annual Report.