One of Apex Environmental’s core values is “Safety Is Built In”.   It is ingrained in our culture and part of the shared vision for our entire team.

As a design and build contractor each of our projects starts with safety and operability built into the design of our plants. This then follows through to the management of health and safety systems on sites, which includes the establishment of JSA and PTW systems.  Our commitment is to Zero Harm, which is shared with our subcontractors, who are pre-qualified before starting work on an Apex site.

We take a proactive approach to the health and safety of our staff, with a policy of supporting healthy activities for everyone. Full training, appropriate to the position, is received by all staff and a culture of open communication is encouraged.   The reporting of any accidents or near misses is also encouraged with any incidents documented and investigated as required.  Health and safety information is available to all and is reported to, and reviewed at, Board level every month.

We take pride in the fact we are wholly committed to health and safety in the workplace because we believe that everyone has the right to work in a safe environment.