Spring is here and, with vintage 2018 only four months away, now is the time to consider optimising or upgrading your wastewater treatment plant to ensure trouble-free, compliant operation during your busiest time of the year.

Winery wastewater treatment systems are unique in that they are under intense load for a short period of the year, followed by a long period of relatively low loading.  This peaky loading can highlight a number of shortcomings in existing systems, which can include:

  • Receival sumps being too small, meaning wastewater backs up into the winery
  • Screening systems continually block, diverting winery staff away from more important tasks
  • Aeration systems being undersized, generating objectionable odour not just for winery staff but also neighbours
  • Inadequate treatment being achieved, meaning wastewater irrigation does not meet local rules
  • pH correction systems being too small, meaning wastewater discharges are non-compliant
  • Winery wastewater being nutrient deficient, resulting in viscous wastewater that is difficult to irrigate

Wet weather during vintage can also place limitations on how much wastewater can be irrigated to land while avoiding ponding or runoff, meaning storage and/or alternative disposal methods need to be considered.

From boutique operations through to large wineries, we understand the challenges of dealing with wastewater during the hectic pace of vintage and offer world class systems that complement site sustainability initiatives.

Contact Apex today to request an obligation-free appraisal of your existing wastewater treatment system and ensure you are ready for vintage 2018.