Villa Maria Te Awa Winery Wastewater Treatment

Apex environmental has been working with Villa Maria to ensure that the waste water treatment system on their new winery is able to meet tough new regulations in the wake of the Havelock North issues. An aeration system with a membrane bio-reactor plant was proposed and accepted by the regional council. Working to a tight timeline we were able to … Read the rest

Yealands Estate WWTP Upgrade

Apex environmental worked with Yealands Estate to design and build the largest winery MBR wastewater system in the country.  By installing the new MBR treatment and converting the existing sequenced batch reactors into aerobic pre-treatment, the system is capable of treating 600m3/day of wastewater, with provision to upgrade to 700m3/day. Working on a tight timeline we … Read the rest

McCain Foods Oil Separator

A new separator was designed and fabricated to replace the existing separation system in order to effectively separate oil and heavy solids from fryer washing and defrost water.  Utilising a 20’ container, the separator features all stainless steel internals, two hoppers, and actuated knife gate valves to automatically drain the settled heavy solids.  Floating oil and grease is manually decanted … Read the rest

Distillery Water Treatment

The Cardrona Distillery engaged Apex to design and build a water treatment plant to meet the strict water quality required for distillation at their brand new premises in the Cardrona Valley.  The system features multi-stage filtration, UV treatment and reverse osmosis with a clean-in-place system to generate water that meets E. coli, turbidity and mineral content limits, allowing the … Read the rest

Drinking Water Treatment Plant Audit

Apex was engaged to review the operation and maintenance of drinking water treatment plants on Banks Peninsula, including those in Akaroa, Duvauchelle and Little River.  The treatment processes reviewed include coagulation and flocculation, chlorine dosing, membrane filtration, UV disinfection and settling.  A range of potential improvements were identified and scoped.… Read the rest

Containerised Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Apex provided a containerised drinking water treatment plant to the Christchurch City Council for use, alongside the existing Duvauchelle  treatment plant.   The system included two parallel treatment trains with media filtration, cartridge filtration, UV and chlorine dosing.… Read the rest

Brewery Wastewater Treatment

This craft brewery was facing increased discharge fees from the local water authority.  The client’s requirements included effective onsite treatment and a simple-to-operate system.   The solution was to install two BioGill BG230 bioreactors as part of a demonstration project to treat high sugar / BOD wastewater. The use of two BioGill units in series allowed for separate bacteria consortiums to … Read the rest

Smallgoods Factory Wastewater Treatment

Having undergone continued expansion in production on site due to growing interest in their products, Hellers’ existing wastewater system had come under increasing pressure.  The upgrade included the installation of two Model 200 DAF units, with provision for a third to be added, to remove fats, oils and grease and other solids from the wastewater.  The unique configuration of the … Read the rest

Dairy Factory Wastewater Upgrade

Following the addition of a UHT plant, three Model 200 Aerofloat DAF units with a total capacity of 800m3/day were installed to improve the treatment of wastewater generated on site before discharge to sewer.  The compact nature of the Aerofloat DAF was ideal for expanding treatment within the existing plant footprint and the system has been configured for traditional acid … Read the rest

Ice Cream Factory Wastewater Treatment Upgrade

A major upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant at Fonterra Brands Kapiti Ice Cream included the installation of an Apex 20m3/hour DAF unit for the removal of milk fats and solids from the wastewater to ensure consent compliance.  The old treatment plant was decommissioned and the new plant  installed without disrupting production on site.  The DAF has been designed to … Read the rest