• Description: Camping ground sewage treatment plant
  • Location: Papatowai, Southland
  • Project type: Obtain consents, design & commission (in conjunction with Oasis Clearwater)

Apex was engaged, in conjunction with Oasis Clearwater, to provide a wastewater treatment plant for an isolated camping ground on the Catlins coast. The camping ground had previously been closed down for various reasons, including issues experienced with wastewater treatment and disposal. In order to reopen the camping ground and cater for increasing tourist numbers in the area, a higher level of treatment was required so that treated wastewater could be discharged to a nearby estuary. The treatment process employs a membrane bioreactor (MBR) with a filter of 0.1 micron, and was installed with the benefit of remote telemetry so that the plant could constantly be monitored from anywhere.

Apex was responsible for obtaining the resource consent to discharge to water from the Otago Regional Council, including negotiating the approval of local iwi and other affected parties, supplying key equipment including the SINAP membrane module and electrical control system, and process commissioning.

Government media release on camping ground in the Catlins

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