• Description: Fonterra
  • Location: Darfield, Canterbury
  • Project type: 2 x APEX150

Two Apex DAF units with the capacity of 2603/hr  were installed as part of a staged development of a new whole milk powder plant in Canterbury.  The units can operate individually or in parallel to process wastewater at a number of different flow rates depending on the level in the upstream balance tanks.  Both units include acid dosing systems for the coagulation and removal of milk fat and solids and feature our robust white water (dissolved air solution) pumps, bottom scrapers, stainless steel safety screens and access platforms, automatically retracting and clean in place pH probes on the DAF feed and turbidity probes to continuously monitor plant performance and automatically reprocess any wastewater that has not been sufficiently treated.

Treated wastewater is neutralised by the addition of lime slurry following the DAF unit and before irrigation to land.