• Description: Papatowai Camping Grounds
  • Location: Catlins, Southland
  • Project type: SINAP flat sheet membrane

A SINAP 80-80 flat sheet membrane module was installed as part of a new sewage treatment plant that allowed a DOC camping ground on the Catlins coast to reopen.  The treatment plant received wastewater from the amenities block and is consented for a maximum discharge of 12.53/day into a watercourse that drains to the estuary downstream of the Papatowai Scenic Reserve Wetland.  Satellite broadband allows monitoring and control of the treatment plant from anyway in the world with an internet connection.

This is a testimonial from Oasis Clearwater who partnered with Apex Environmental

“Because of our partnership with Apex Environmental we were able to focus on our strengths in manufacturing a quality wastewater treatment system while Apex Environmental took care of the rest.”      Read more Oasis Clearwater and Apex Environmental teamed up for the Papatowai wastewater upgrade