• Description: Upgrade of existing equipment - DAF and tanks
  • Location: Palmerston North
  • Installed: 2014
  • Project type: Design & upgrade

Apex Environmental was engaged by Fonterra Brands Palmerston North late 2013 to carry out works at their Kapiti Ice Cream factory.
The project involved a major upgrade of the wastewater treatment system to ensure compliance with trade waste regulations and to improve containment within the plant itself.  A new DAF, two new stainless steel balance tanks, (these tanks act as a buffer before the DAF), a neutralisation tank, chemical dosing tank and sludge storage tanks were installed.
One of the key challenges for this project was the upgrade of the site while the plant remained in operation 24/7.  One of the tasks was to install the new balance tanks and divert the waste water before the removal of the old plastic balance tanks.  Another challenge was to try and automate the plant as much as possible to reduce operator input, which was achieved.