• Description: Winery wastewater treatment upgrade
  • Location: Marlborough
  • Project type: Upgrade of existing wastewater treatment plant

Spring Creek Vintners (SCV) engaged Apex Environmental to design a wastewater treatment system for their Marlborough winery in 2011.  The basic settling system with large aeration tank met Marlborough District Council wastewater treatment requirements.

After a very wet 2014 vintage SCV decided they wanted to take treatment to the highest level.  Focusing on World’s Best Practice, the brief to Apex Environmental was to have a high level of automation, a system with the ability to scale up for vintage water volumes, handle short term heavy rain events and be cost effective to install and run.  Their goal was always to develop a world class treatment facility and be leaders in the area of winery wastewater treatment.  The very best solution for this project was to install a SINAP Membrane Bioreactor (MBR).    The system comprises of 600 SINAP 150 flat sheet membranes with the ability to process 300,000L per 24 hr. day.  A secure 20ft container, holding waste and aeration pumps, monitoring equipment, PLC, all with offsite connectivity was pre-assembled in Timaru, delivered and placed alongside the MBR tank and the equipment connected.

This is the largest SINAP MBR wastewater treatment plant in use by a New Zealand winery.  It has given Spring Creek Vintners more options for either the disposal of wastewater or the ability to reuse the water.  It has met all their goals including having a system that is meeting World’s Best Practice in waste water management.

“Installing the Apex MBR is one of the best things we’ve ever done as a company”       John Neylon – Director, Spring Creek Vintners Ltd