The sequencing batch reactor (SBR) wastewater treatment plant at Open Country Dairy’s new facility in Horotiu was successfully commissioned in December, with treatment performance exceeding design targets.  Designed primarily for nitrogen removal, but also including chemical dosing for phosphorus removal, the system is designed to treat wastewater from the new factory before being combined with abattoir wastewater and discharged to the river.      

Apex was responsible for delivery of the overall system, including civil works, to a design provided by the client, and process commissioning.  The system includes a pond-based SBR with Apex-designed decanter, plant room, receival facility for salt whey to be dosed  as a carbon source, waste sludge handling system, and HSNO-compliant alum storage tank and dosing system.  Final site works included landscaping and fencing.

Apex was able to draw on its extensive experience in biological treatment of industrial wastewaters and safe chemical handling practices to deliver a successful outcome for Open Country.