Fonterra Darfield – Stage 2 Taking Shape

In 2012 Apex completed the design and build of a wastewater treatment plant for Stage One of Fonterra’s newest milk powder plant. This project was a huge success for Apex, and we were awarded Stage Two of the plant as well, which will be commissioned by the start of the August processing season..

The second phase will see the treatment capacity increase from 130m³ per hour to 260m³ per hour. An additional DAF unit is being installed to mirror the first, with each unit measuring an impressive 15 metres in length. Additional flow balancing tanks are being installed with the original tank converted for increased capacities for treated wastewater for irrigation. Apex is also commissioning the irrigation system, with wastewater being irrigated through nine centre pivots, increased from the previous three. This helps to reduce volumes of water drawn from the local rivers and minimises the need for fertiliser use.

Apex is excited to be supporting Fonterra and be part of the continued growth in the Canterbury region.