Proteus for instant measurement & reporting of coliforms

The Proteus range of multi parameter sensors represents a step change in real-time monitoring of water quality. The state of the art monitoring platform incorporates the latest technology to provide accurate, reliable and maintenance free monitoring of total coliforms, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC). 

Potable Water Compliance

The Proteus is a sensing platform for real-time monitoring of coliforms, as well as dissolved or total organic carbon.  It is ideally suited to online monitoring of DOC/TOC at all stages of the drinking water treatment process. 

In particular, the Proteus can be used to monitor potable water supplies for the presence of bacteria (coliforms) to >1 count/100ml.  When  used online at the treated end of a plant the Proteus can act as a vital safe guard for drinking water supplies.

In addition, the sensor can be used to continuously monitor DOC levels and alert when specific thresholds are exceeded that may interfere with the disinfection process or lead to the formation of harmful by-products.

This system allows the user to monitor the key indicators of water quality and, depending on requirements, either data log the results for recall later or live stream them via a web-based monitoring system.  By use of web monitoring, more immediately useful data can be produced and made available on your smartphone, rather than waiting to upload data sets from an onsite data logger.  This functionality also allows instant text message alarming should drinking water standards be breached.

Fresh Food Compliance

In New Zealand high volumes of wash water are used for washing fresh produce yet in many places discharge is limited.  This means water conservation and reuse in washing processes is required but how do you maintain and monitor the food safety of the water … Apex Environmental and Proteus have a solution!

With Proteus Probe you don’t have to wait for the laboratory results to confirm non compliance.  How exposed you are to product recalls.   Not only can the Proteus monitor water quality but disinfection can be optimised, saving time and money on chemical use. 

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