With the growing focus on drinking water treatment Apex has been approached by a number of councils to help optimise the performance of existing water treatment systems and ensure compliance with the NZ drinking water standards.

One example is the Waimate District Council, who have a small rural treatment plant connected to a surface water take that is struggling with high solids loading in the feed water following rain events.  We are working with the council to find a solution and are currently testing a novel, low-cost membrane filter that can withstand high levels of solids in the feed water and remove virtually all of the solids before the water enters the existing treatment plant.  The skid-mounted plant is a complete unit that includes automatic backwash systems for reliable long-term operation and an auto sampler is connected to the system to collect hourly samples of treated water.    Samples of the treated water are being tested for suspended solids, turbidity and UV transmittance following rain events to confirm the effectiveness of the membrane filter.

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