The Proteus Probe – an award winning product

Apex is pleased to offer an award-winning multi-parameter, real-time sensor platform (portable or permanent) that accurately and reliably measures BOD, COD and faecal coliforms for permanent and temporary applications.  The Proteus Probe is the world’s first scientifically proven real-time sensor for measuring BOD that can measure a wide range of applications.    

A multi-probe that measures your choice of parameter, all Read the rest

Warkworth Wastewater Treatment Plant expands to cater for growth

First Christchurch had a post-quake shopping mall made entirely of containers. Now, in a New Zealand first … Warkworth has its own ‘container wastewater treatment plant’.

Warkworth is one of Auckland’s fastest growing regions and the town’s existing wastewater treatment plant, located off Alnwick St needs upgrading but until the replacement plant (located in Snells Beach) is completed in four … Read the rest