biogill-tower-BioGill manufactures above ground, attached growth, bioreactors that deliver compact, energy efficient water treatment solutions.  Key to BioGill performance efficiency is the growth of healthy biomass on the patented nano ceramic media, known as “gills”.


The BioGill bioreactor is a secondary treatment process that removes soluble nutrients (BOD/COD and nitrogen) from the wastewater. The process also allows for a reduction in fat, oil and grease (FOG), odour and suspended solids through secondary functions.

Benefits of the BioGill technology include:

  • Low sludge output
  • Resilient to changes in the wastewater stream
  • Ability to de-nitrify
  • Low odour
  • Low energy consumption and reduced maintenance

The technology is well suited for decentralised sewage schemes, wineries and breweries that require a technology that can scale up as they expand production, and wherever energy efficient is a key driver.

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