120807 Fonterra Darfield (3)Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units are a key component for many wastewater treatment plants where separation of solids and oils is required.  With extensive in-house process engineering knowledge Apex Environmental’s DAF unit can be supplied as :

  • Standalone units supplied for replacement purposes or as part of a site upgrade;  or
  • Integrated units supplied as part of a new wastewater treatment plant including all automation, chemical dosing, site pipework and civil works.

Apex DAF units incorporate a number of features that provide benefits to the user.  Our robust white water (dissolved air solution) pump can handle solids and fibre that would block traditional pumps, allowing for full-flow or side stream pressurisation modes that increase unit throughput by up to 25%.  Units can also be supplied in either standard co-current configuration, or a counter-current configuration.

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