Apex Environmental is pleased to exclusively offer SINAP flat sheet membranes throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands for applications where an extremely high level of treatment is required.

SINAP offers world class performance and the ability to easily retrofit into existing brands of flat sheet MBRs.   Change to SINAP now and instantly achieve better plant efficiency at reduced cost.

We offer the following options:

  • Supply of individual membrane sheets
  • Supply of complete membrane modules
  • Design and build of complete MBR plants

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“What SINAP membrane sheets have done for us is reduced the amount of modules we have in service and achieved a much greater throughput which gave us back our future proofing that we lost using a competitors membrane.  A big saving not only in sheet usage but in energy costs as well not having to run the blowers as hard. Stoked!!”   Barry Mayhill, Taupo District Council Waste Water Supervisor –      November 2014