Apex offers a diverse range of advanced biological and physical systems for the on-site treatment of wastewater with a turnkey service, from the design and consenting phase through to installation and commissioning.


Apex offers a wide variety of screening solutions including filters for smaller facilities, stationary screens and self-cleaning rotary screens. Introducing a screening phase in the initial stages of wastewater treatment can enhance the efficiency and reliability of downstream processing equipment by removing larger solids prior to treatment.

Aeration Systems

Apex provides a large variety of custom aeration systems ranging from surface aerators to high efficiency submerged diffusers for tank or pond aeration. Adding aeration to a wastewater treatment system improves treatment quality and minimises odour emissions.

SBR – Sequencing Batch Reactor

An SBR treatment plant combines aeration and settling phases in a single tank. SBR treatment improves effluent quality by increasing aerobic activity in the reactor. The sequences can be customised to provide for nutrient removal.
Activated Sludge
This treatment system also uses aeration and settling phases but in separate tanks. Aeration enables suspended biomass to digest BOD. This technology is better suited to larger flow applications.

MBBR – Moving Bed Bioreactor

MBBR wastewater treatment occurs in a single tank using biomass support media. The media provide a greater surface area for biomass to reproduce, allowing for higher BOD removal and flow capacity. This technology is ideal for improving the capacity and performance of existing plants.

MBR – Membrane Bioreactor

MBR systems are the preferred wastewater treatment solution when a higher quality of treated wastewater is required. The MBR uses a combination of constant aeration with a flat sheet membrane filter system to remove virtually all solids, bacteria and protozoa from wastewater. The technology treats wastewater to bathing water quality within a small footprint.

Disposal and Beneficial Re-use Systems

Apex designs disposal and re-use systems for treated wastewater including irrigation to land, discharge to water or sewer, or further treatment to allow reuse within the process. Apex has extensive experience with the resource consent process required for wastewater disposal.

SINAP MBR Membranes

SINAP flat sheet membranes offer the exceptional performance of membrane bioreactor treatment of wastewater at significantly reduced cost. These internationally-proven membranes now make MBR treatment systems a more affordable option than ever before.
Apex can offer membranes for applications ranging from industrial wastewater treatment through to treating domestic sewage to a standard suitable for re-use. The 0.1 micron nominal pore size of the SINAP membranes is sufficiently fine to remove virtually all bacteria and protozoa from the wastewater.

Apex is pleased to exclusively offer SINAP membranes throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, with the following options:

  • Supply of individual membrane sheets
  • Supply of complete membrane modules incorporating membranes and stainless steel  housings
  • Design and build of complete Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

DAF – Dissolved Air Flotation Units

Dissolved air flotation is a well established water treatment technology that can be applied across a number of industries, including meat and dairy. Apex DAF units incorporate a number of unique features that improve both operation and reliability. These include a robust new type of whitewater pump that can handle solids and fibre, while eliminating the need for recycle flow and thereby increasing the throughput by up to 25%.
Where pH adjustment is required, Apex DAF units incorporate automatically retracting pH probes that hold values while they are cleaned in place to maintain their accuracy.

Apex DAF units are fabricated in stainless steel and come with the following options:

  • A range of capacities to suit flow rates
  • Flat or hopper bottom
  • Chemical dosing units (acid, coagulant and/or polymer)
  • Tube flocculators
  • Online turbidity monitoring & control

Apex DAF units are available as part of a turnkey package or as equipment supply only.

Drinking Water Treatments

Clean drinking water is an essential resource for all people. Apex can provide packaged drinking water plants, incorporating filtration, chlorine and/or UV treatments, depending on the water source.

Apex can also offer ozone systems for the treatment of water from 1,000L to 400,000L per day. Systems are pre-assembled in New Zealand for rapid installation on site and can include on-line process and ozone monitoring. Apex is the exclusive agent for OzoneWaterSolutions.

Consultancy Services

Apex offers a wide range of consultancy services performed by world experts in their fields who have extensive hands on experience. These services include resource consent applications, compliance monitoring