no-3Apex Environmental is the exclusive New Zealand distributor for titanium filtration systems manufactured by AMS Filtration in Australia.

Cross-flow filtration systems incorporate AMS tubular titanium membranes and are fully automated. They provide liquid/solid separation to 0.05 micron (ultra-filtration), deliver unparalleled performance under a vast range of operating conditions and can build-up retentate suspended solid loadings to 95-99%.  The use of titanium means filtration systems are resistant to fouling and can tolerate a wide range of pH, temperature and pressure.

Benefits of the AMS Filtration technology include:

  • The ability to be cleaned-in-place to return flux rates back to “day 1” for the life of the membranes
  • A uniform pore size for consistent and effective separation
  • Low operating costs, with chemicals only required for regular cleans
  • A consistent level of treatment performance despite variable influent composition and without the need for wastewater balancing

The system has been proven on various feed streams from the textiles, poultry, milk processing, cheese processing and meat processing industries.  On a single pass through an AMS 0.2 micron system, levels of suspended solids were reduced by 96.5-99.9%, levels of fats, oil and grease by 96.5-99.9%, and levels of COD by 36.3-96.5%.

For further information go to the AMS Filtration website or view the brochure