Apex is thrilled to have been awarded a contract from Watercare for the delivery of containerised portable wastewater treatement plants.  These membrane bioreactors (MBR’s) will be used to boost the performance and increase the capacity of existing treatment plants across the Auckland region until they are permanently upgraded.  

A total of four treatment plants, incorporating influent screening, anoxic and aeration tanks, an MBR tank with SINAP flat sheet membranes, and a plant room, will be fully assembled and commissioned in Timaru before being delivered across three sites and connected to existing services.  These plants will produce treated wasterwater with almost no BOD or nitrogen remaining and with suspended solids and coliforms below detection limits, thereby reducing the overall loading of contaminants discharged into the environment.  Citycare, Apex’s parent company, will manage site works and prepare them for delivery of the portable plants.

Fabrication of these plants in a controlled workshop environment will allow construction programmes to be met and a high level of quality control to be achieved.   This will commence in the coming weeks, with plants installed and commissioned onsite in the second half of this year.